Accommodation Rules

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Operator : Anna Ada Bulín
Operating place : Na Vinici 602/20
Phone : +420 773 507 563
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Policies of accommodation contract by § 754 and next law

I. Terms of the accommodation contract
a) signing accommodated (the guest) is in the accomodation Book between the guest and the operator of the apartments Dajane (the operator) contract for accommodation under § 754 and next law and under the conditions set out below and in the contract of accommodation.
b) Accommodation is provided for consideration, the price of accommodation is determined according to the price list valid agreement between the parties and confirmed by the signature on the guest Card. Accommodation means the use of the apartment space and connecting corridors with staircase (the spaces for accommodation).
Price is payable at the latest at the beginning of the stay, unless otherwise agreed. Payment is made in cash, possibly after prior agreement with the operator by transfer to the operator account.

II. Damages
a) In the event of damage caused by the fault of the guest, the operator is entitled to seek compensation for damages equal to the amount of damage caused by the fault of the guest.
b) The guest is obliged to pay any damages caused to the premises intended for accommodation and in full amount, including compensation for lost profits in the amount of the applicable rates for the whole time, which will be the premises for accommodation of the house decommissioned. This obligation has the guest even if the injury was caused by children or other persons staying with a guest.

III. How to order
Accommodation order can be made personaly, by e-mail or phone.

IV. The rights and obligations of the guest
a) The guest has the right to use the premises for accommodation and all the equipment according to the provided equipment List in the areas intended for the accommodation, in keeping with the principles of good management. When boarding the guest will receive the keys to the accommodation spaces (rooms in the apartment and the front door of the apartment Dajane). The guest is obliged to prevent the loss of these keys safeguard against theft and avoid lending the keys to persons who are not staying in accommodation spaces. With the loss or other misuse key, the guest is obliged to pay the operator a penalty of 1000, – CZK. This does not affect the right of the operator to claim damages.

b) The guest is obliged to:
– Pay the price for accommodation according to price list
– Properly use the premises for accommodation, maintain order and cleanliness in all areas designed to accommodate, before the end of the stay to reinstate equipped kitchen, wash dishes properly and store in a place intended for that purpose
– Ensure cleanliness of the premises intended for accommodation
– Protect equipment in the areas intended for the accommodation against damage
– Ensure the protection of beds, sofas from contamination children who are not yet able to maintain personal hygiene
– Get acquainted with the house rules and follow it
– Without delay notify the need for repairs in the areas intended for accommodation or to parts of the house
– Immediately notify injury or damage which caused the host’s premises
– Lock the accommodation space when leaving
– In the period from 22.00 pm to 7.00 am to behave so as to not disturb others by excessive noise
– Assume apartment between 14.00 and 19.00 pm on the day of arrival. Leave apartment by 10:00 am in the day of departure. Late departure (but no later than 12.00 am), the guest must report the day before. For late departure will be charged the amount of CZK 200, – per person.

c) Guest must not without the consent of the accommodation:
– Make substantial changes in the areas intended for accommodation (move furniture, move equipment, etc.).
– Taking away any equipment from the premises intended for accommodation
– Used in areas designated for appliances except accommodation own personal computers without prior notification to the operator, or through his ban.
– Abandoned spaces designed to accommodate another person
– Receive visitors in premises intended for accommodation
– Indicate the address of the house with spaces designed to accommodate as his place of business or residence

d) Guest forth in the areas intended for the accommodation must not:
– Smoking in indoor spaces intended for the accommodation. In the rooms are installed smoke detectors.

V. Duties of the operator
The operator must
– surrender guest rooms designed to accommodate in a state fit for proper use and to ensure it undisturbed exercise his rights related to accommodation
– Ensure the elimination of defects notified without undue delay
– Ensure perfect technical and hygienic condition of the premises intended for accommodation

VI. Vehicle and valuables guest
Parking of guest vehicles are allowed on the street adjacent to the accommodation facility, after previous agreement also on the adjacent parking lot in front of the accommodation facility. The operator is not liable for any damage or theft of the vehicle or the things in the car. The operator encourages guest not to leave jewelry, money and other valuables in the premises intended for accommodation.

VII. Continuous cleaning, waste
Basic cleaning supplies are part of the premises used for accommodation. During a weeklong stay cleaning operator in the areas intended for the accommodation does not. For a stay longer than two weeks will be cleaned 1 x per week on request and by appointment.
Litter bins for mixed waste is exported every Wednesday morning.

VIII. Heating accommodation
The heating is done by electric heaters at night current. This comes from PRE in accordance with guidelines for 20 hours a day. In the interval 6 times per day for 40 minutes for technical reasons carried off this current, in which the floating time changes slightly. This is not under operator’s control.
Approximate table and examples of switching times for heating here:


To supply hot water and the operation of other electrical devices that measure has no effect.

IX. Pets
Visit and stay in areas intended for the accommodation of pets is prohibited. Allowed only by prior arrangement.
In violation will be charged a penalty of $ 1 000, – CZK.

X. Complaints
The guest has the right to complain if the accommodation was not provided in the agreed scope and quality. Guest comments or complaints must be applied forthwith to be removed. If there were no comments or defect reported by guest removed, it is necessary to draw up a report and an agreement between the two parties.

XI. Withdrawal from the accommodation Contract
a) The guest has the right to withdraw from the accommodation. Withdrawal from the contract is governed by cancellation conditions see the point XII of this House rules.
b) The operator has the right to cancel the accommodation Contract, if the host grossly violates the obligations under the contract, or in spaces intended for the accommodation grossly violates morals.
c) Withdrawal from the accommodation Contract shall be in writing and must be sent or handed over to the other side.
d) Withdrawal from the accommodation Contract does not affect claims arising from this contract.
e) In case of withdrawal from the accommodation Contract on the hotel operator reserves the right to ask the guest to leave the premises used for accommodation.

XII. Cancellation Policy:
a) When the total or partial cancellation of these services reason other than objective reasons listed below, will incur a cancellation fee of:

Within 60 days prior to arrival – no cancellation fee
59 – 30 days prior to arrival – 25 % of the ordered services
29 – 10 days before arrival – 50 % of the ordered services
9 – 0 days prior to arrival – 100 % of the ordered services
On arrival or during the stay – 100 % of the ordered services

b) In the case of cancellation of these services is made within 21 days of billing and refund any portion of the advance, after deducting cancellation charges.

c) The operator requires no cancellation fee, in the event of objective major causes that lead to the withdrawal of accommodation, such as death in the family, hospitalization, natural disasters, accidents etc. These facts guest must submit the relevant documents within 7 calendar days the incidence of serious objective reasons in writing to the above address operator.

d) If the guest orders the service in less than 30 days before the beginning of the services provided, cancellation fees remain unchanged.

XIII. Proof of identity
Guest card housed in the Book includes name, address, date of birth, identity card number or passport. To verify this information, guests are obliged to present proof of identity.


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